7838 Calion Hwy   El Dorado, AR  71730

Bar-J Ranch (Ms. “B”) specializes in birthday parties. 
(Better than Burger King, we REALLY do it all for you!)

*Cake and ice cream furnished
*Gift bags for party guests
*Hot dog lunch with drinks and chips
*A ride on the Rock Island Railroad
*Horse rides for each child party guest
*Zipline and High Rope
*Climb Mt. Mordecai
*Ride the bucking barrel
*Gather eggs

This is a 2 ½ hour party!

Prices are as follows:

Number of Children     Pricing 
 2-5   $200.00 
 6-10   $300.00
11-15   $400.00
More than 15 children ask for a special quote.

This is a child’s birthday party. We do not count adults in pricing.
All guests must have the 

Release of Liability and Participation Agreement Form

signed by an adult prior to this event.

You can plan your next birthday party at the Bar J Ranch!
Just take a look at how much fun it is!