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Pastor's Retreat
During the fall and winter months Bar J Ranch opens it's wonderful ranch experience for pastors at a reduced rate. The retreat is self designated ( no agenda ) you can become a ranch hand bringing in the cows on horseback, sitting in a rocker viewing the beautiful ranch foliage or spend a day in one of our nature blinds. Call 870-748-2514 for more information.

Pastor's Retreat

A pastor's retreat is a short time away from the demands of ministry. It can be as short as one day or as long as four or five. Under normal ministry conditions I think a pastor needs two retreats a year. When things are more stressful in your church or his own life, your pastor may need to get away every month.

 Why Pastor's Retreats Are Important

  • Refresh. Pastors frequently work about 60 hours a week. Meetings and phone calls last into the late evening. Hospital visits start about six in the morning. Your pastor rarely works fewer than six days a week... have you ever wondered why he has one day off? Ministry is exhausting work. Pastors need times when they can get away and sleep in, take a casual walk in the woods, or read a non-ministry related book while lying on a hammock.


  • Renew. Pastors need to renew their minds. Physical fatigue is usually accompanied by mental fatigue. They also need time to renew spiritually. Pastor retreats allow your pastor to renew his body, mind and spirit.  


  • Recover. Your minister is involved in many stressful circumstances. He is doing crisis marriage counseling, ministering to a family whose newborn recently passed away, and trying to create peace between quarreling church members. In addition, he may have stress at home you don't know about. A pastor retreat gives him or her the perfect opportunity to recover from a stressful circumstance.

  • Relax. There are periods - sometimes long periods - in every pastor's ministry where stress is intense and unending. Our bodies are designed to handle short periods of stress. But prolonged stress can cause physical and psychological problems. Pastor's retreats can help break the cycle of stress.


  • Rekindle. When I pastored B.C. (before children) my wife and I did almost everything together: visitation, counseling, committee meetings, golf. But children introduced a different dynamic. It became more like tag-team ministry: one of us would stay home while the other went out. When you add to this the fact that many ministry activities last late into the evenings, your marriage tends to suffer. A pastor's retreat is an ideal way to rekindle the marital relationship.


  • Refocus. It's easy to lose sight of the big picture when you are getting swallowed by daily details. A pastor's retreat can provide the time to assess ministry goals and strategy. It can also be a time to refocus spiritually. Pastors need periodic times of dedicated prayer and meditation. 

     The pastors rate in $150.00 per night and is all inclusive. You bring only your personal items and everything else in included. The owner has been in the ministry for thirty years, twenty of those in the inner-city of New Orleans. He has firsthand knowledge of the stress of pastoring. If you need to talk he is there, if you need peace and quite it is there. If you need excitement, we have twenty five horses, fifty cows, twenty dogs and many chickens all ready to be watch or played with. The wildlife is outstanding, deer in the pastures and little critters running all around. Check out the Bar-J Ranch web site for more information.





Ranch House Lodge                                                                       
The Ranch House Lodge provides a quiet place of retreat from the outside world.  Guests will feel at home in the peaceful atmosphere surrounded by the beauty of  the outdoors.  White Tail Deer graze quietly in the front yard while the morning birds hungrily gobble their breakfasts at nearby bird feeders- not even disturbed by the occasional passerby.  Over 100 species of birds call the Ranch their home.  This years foals romp and play as the sun rises- greeting the new day as only the young can.  As the dew begins to sparkle in the early morning sun- life on the Ranch begins to buzz around you. 
   The Magnolia Room       




The Sunshine Room


Hunter' s Loft

                                           Common Area & Kitchen
Continental Breakfast is served from 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the kitchen.  This is a time of gathering together and a great time to plan out your days events.  All guests are welcome to enjoy the morning news or just sit and visit.

Annie Oakley and Wild Bill Hickock Cabins 

In keeping with ranching tradition-new fangled contraptions such as telephones and televisions are not provided in the cabins.  Each cabin is tastefully decorated and has its own private bath.  Small refrigerator, coffee pot and microwave are included.  Sleeps up to 4.  Cots are available for more.

Texas Ranger Loft  

A cowboy loft located in the stable furnished with comfortable country and western decor.  The loft  now has two full size beds as well as a private bath, small refrigerator, coffee pot and microwave.  Sleeps up to 4.